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We will be with you every step of the way.

The work we do.

BTL Marketing Activations

We design and implement integrated promotional activities, from in-store tasting and sampling to specialized brand promotion activities.

​We provide highly trained Brand Ambassadors, Salespeople, Hosts & Hostesses.

​We cover a diverse range of marketplaces, from department stores to HoReCa venues.

Digital Marketing

We are committed to maximizing the value of your digital channels and provide digital marketing solutions for each stage of the customer experience.

Regardless of the medium, we have the in-house expertise to bring your tale to life and elicit an emotional response from your audience.

Creative & Brand Strategy

Are you starting from scratch?

Are you looking for a radical rebranding?

What is your unique value proposition?

What are the purpose and values your brand culture adheres to? Do you feel boxed in? 

We help you define your distinctiveness and plan the narrative that will take you there.

Brand Strategy |Creative Strategy |Naming |Logo Design |Tone of Voice| Stationery |Packaging


When it comes to your event, we take care of everything, from concept development to implementation and logistics. We provide full-service planning without the use of intermediaries or outsourcing, enabling us to be cost-effective. Since 2005, we have been creating successful events for a variety of occasions.

Award Ceremonies|Business Happenings|Corporate Events |Trade Shows|Promotion Events

Exhibition Kiosks

We are an award-winning team of exhibition experts.  Our in-house graphic designers and manufacturers with in-depth experience work together in-house to develop bespoke kiosks for all types of exhibitions, events, and trade shows.

Our formula?

Vertical implementation process


Experienced Professionals

Customized designed kiosks

Spatial Adaptation

Highest standards of quality

Full planning and implementation 

Special Constructions

We are a specialized provider of unique constructions. We design everything you need, from small objects and custom furniture to thematic window displays. 


Development & Implementation

State-of-the-art constructions

Customized designs per brand

Merchandising Services

Comprehensive direct to consumer merchandising services:

Knowledgeable staff with experience & excellent communication skills

Supply Delivery

Storage & Management (warehouses)

Shelf Placement

Placement / Installation



Ordering Software

 Customized reporting app

Reports & Analytics 

PR Services

We offer a mix of services which include:

Public Relations

Full Event Planning

Sponsoring Programs

Press Office Services

Influencer Marketing

Digital Strategy

VIP & Celebrity Invitations

Press Releases

PR kits

Consulting & more

Additional Services

Customers in the wine and spirits business have enjoyed our Bar Catering Services since 2014.

The Top Bartenders in Greece work with Radical to create the best cocktails. For any event, conference, business meeting, or other special occasion, we have all you need!


TVC & Video Production

Our dedicated team of creatives works through every stage of the process, from concept generation to execution and agile fine-tuning. We produce outstanding commercials and branded content that will captivate your target audience.

We collaborate with directors and large production companies to deliver high-quality commercials on both large and small budgets, using cutting-edge video equipment.

Tailored to your needs|Tailored to your brand|Tailored to every communication channel

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